Welcome at ped-net.org

What is ped-net.org?

ped-net.org should help people, who are interested in the field of pedestrian and evacuation dynamics, to find usefull informations and to join other people with same interests.

The ped-net.org group wrote a review article about pedestrian and evacuation dynamics which will be published at the Springer Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science 2008. This article can be downloaded here. DOWNLOAD ARTICLE (1.6 mByte)

Why has ped-net.org been created?

The research for the comfort of pedestrians and safety of evacuees concerns many areas such as architecture, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, psychology, and sociology. One aim of www.ped-net.org is to bring all those people from commercial companies, research institutions and academia together to share their ideas and knowledge and learn from each other.

ped-net.org should inform you and others about

  • your (or others') interesting conferences
  • your (or others') interesting new publications
  • recent events
  • new simulation tools
  • new regulations and guidelines, etc.

We encourage you to discuss experimental results, theories, but also legal regulations etc. there.

For PhD students and undergraduats ped-net.org can also be a place to discuss very practical issues like data extraction, validation, and so on.

Finally we hope to make ped-net.org a good place for companies of the field to seek for future employees or trainees.

Who is ped-net.org

The ped-net.org team (in alphabetical order):
Hubert Klüpfel (Duisburg),
Tobias Kretz (Karlsruhe),
Christian Rogsch (Wuppertal),
Andreas Schadschneider (Cologne), and
Armin Seyfried (Jülich)

For more informations please have a look at "About us"